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Energy Management

With cost of energy being so high and one of the biggest overheads faced by companies a commitment to reduce their carbon frontprint and energy costs is at the forefront of peoples minds.

Today, energy costs dictate that energy efficiency must also be considered as an important issue.

The Carbon Trust publication CTV032 details that BEMS used correctly can reduce total energy costs by 10% and increase comfort. It also states that in premises with well-controlled systems heating bills can be 15-35% lower than in poorly-controlled buildings.

The main advantage of a BEMS installation in general is the ease with which users can review the performance of controls and conveniently make adjustments. Other advantages include, close control of environmental conditions, providing more comfort for building occupants and energy saving control functions which will reduce energy bills.

Our wealth of knowledge and experience within the BEMS industry enables AES Control Systems to approach each project with a number of specialised solutions tailored to suit individual needs.

Energy Management Services

Inverter Drive Installation

During the design stage of any new building project where mechanical heating and ventilation are being used, the HVAC designer calculates for example, the optimum air volume an air handling unit must provide and thus the optimum motor size to provide such duty e.g. 7.9 kW. However, motors are commonly manufactured in standard sizes and so the actual motor selected needs to have equal to or greater than the actual designed motor size duty to ensure the design is met. Therefore 7.9 kW (design) becomes 11 kW (nearest manufactured motor size).

Even if by chance, the exact design sized motor were installed for the given application, scope still remains for varying the speed of pumps and fans with varying occupancy and ambient conditions.

While it can almost be taken for granted that reducing a pump/fan motor speed and thus the amount of ‘work’ it does will result in a reduction of electricity consumption, when one fully understands the load characteristics of pumps and fans one then can appreciate (and calculate) just how substantial these savings through reduction of motor speed can be.

The Carbon Trust states, “Because energy and motor speed are exponentially related, even a relatively small reduction in speed can result in a significant energy saving.” This is because Fan / Pump motor loads follow what is known to be the Cube Law which states the power required by a fan or pump varies according to the cube of the motor speed. Even a modest speed reduction of 20% can result in approx. 50% reduction in energy use.

Apart from the obvious cost savings Inverter Drives can provide (use less energy and pay) there are other ways in which Inverter Drives and in particular, the funding of which can save money.

AES Control Systems have more than thirty years’ experience in energy saving solutions which consist of various methods chosen on a project-by-project basis providing a bespoke service. AES Control Systems uses its expertise to ensure that their customers benefit from the absolute maximum return from their investment using such strategies as demand based control and BMS integration.

Demand based control of the inverter drives may involve use of existing BMS to ensure sufficient speeds are adhered to maintain comfort while minimizing speeds during low occupancy periods. This is done by varying the fan/pump speeds according to heating and/or cooling demands judged by temperatures and control status.

Smart Metering

AES Control Systems has more than 25 years experience in smart metering, from system design through to installation and commissioning. We are able to offer our clients bespoke solutions utilising web based dashboards with real-time information to help demonstrate and showcase information in a useable format.

We understand that surveying your site or sites (free of charge) and working with our customers allows us to create a cost effective proposal. This could be utilising existing sub metering, existing infrastructure to automate the process or if required supplying new meters that incorporate the appropriate protocols for automatic data acquisition.

We are able to offer metering solutions for electric metering through to gas, water and heat meters along with our own 3G routers to avoid the need to use existing IT services if required. We are also able to supply and install meters (MID Compliant) suitable for our own web based tenant billing solution.

AES Control Systems utilises its own internal staff to ensure each project is delivered to the highest standard.

Energy Management Service Offerings

Energy optimisation works including demand control etc.
Energy Survey
Metering Solutions
Energy Monitoring, Targeting and Display
Control Strategy Improvements
BEMS Controller Lifecycle Upgrades etc.
Inverter Installations

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